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How Can Tantra Help your Intimate Relationship!
Tantra for Couples

     As a couple it is important to have communication. Dr. Rylie will coach you in a customized session that is developed just for the two of you. You will learn to deepen your intimacy levels, build trust, use more communication both verbal and body language and heighten your awareness of each others wants, needs and desires.

    You will learn together the art of mastering multiple orgasms. Learn to orgasm together both ejaculatory and non ejaculatory. Part of the fun is the building up to the main ejaculation. It not only brings you closer, it enhances your love life.

   You may choose a private session, where Dr. Rylie guides you through the 3 massage techniques.

Tantra For Men

  You will start by mastering ejaculation control. You will learn how to control your mind by learning to meditate, breathing techniques, and focus. By gaining this control you will learn how to expand your orgasms. As you gain control you will learn to have multiple orgasms that will last minutes, not seconds, You will be having orgasms without ejaculating, this helps you to become the lover you have always wanted to be. You not only gain confidence, you will also build the perfect intimate relationship with your partner.

Tantra For Women

    Getting in touch with your intimate side. You will learn to express your wants, needs and desires to your partner. You can build the perfect relationship. Learn to reach your full sexual potential with having multiple and extended orgasms. You will learn to develop communication skills to help you begin the best Tantric Relationship.

Tantra Intimate Remedies Coaching
Tantra Sacred Intimate Remedies Coaching!

Everyone today is having "SEX", Are YOU having the BEST SEX?????

Can you answer these questions about your

"Experience the Realization of a True Orgasm!"

~~ Have you ever wondered why it is that many of us have never truly experienced an Orgasm?

~~ Are you able to distinguish between Ejaculation and Orgasm?

~~ Do you know why women are always "wet" but claim to never have an Orgasm?

~~ Is it true that you can "Control" your Orgasms?

~~ Why do some men Ejaculate Prematurely?

~~ If you have been married for 10+ years, are you ready to rekindle your Sex-Life?

~~ Do you know your partners Needs, Desires, Fears, and Fantasies?

"If you answered no....are you willing to learn?"

~~ Do you consider yourself a romantic person?

~~ Has it been a while since you tried something new, sexually?

~~ Do you have toys for your sex life?  Are you willing to introduce them?

~~ Have you ever been sexually violated?

~~ Have you ever used a prescription drug to enhance sexual performance?

~~ Are you currently taking any medications for depression or anxiety?

~~ Are you familiar with Tantra "Sacred Sex?"

~~ Would you like to learn more about these topics and much more?

Welcome Couples















Why Tantra Coaching




Intimacy, Spirituality, & Sacred Sex Coaching






What can you learn & explore?



* Different kinds & qualities of touch, and how these touches affect your feelings of trust & intimacy................
* Communication techniques that help you to express what you need to feel safe & free, and that helps you to hear what your partner is "REALLY" saying............................

* Massage techniques to free, open, & relax your sexual energies!!!!..........................................................


We can provide you with much knowledge on yourself and your body and mind. With us you will learn to relax and receive. You will be opened up to a new level of thinking. There is so much you will learn about your self during your sessions. We will focus on Prolonged Orgasm, Ejaculation Control, &  Making yourself a better lover.

    Is this too good to be true or what? Imagine a new age method that helps you evolve while you're having the most ecstatic sex of your life. Well, that's Tantra.

Tantra says "Yes!" to all that is and all that you are.

Tantra teaches us how to welcome, accept, and use the energy of life to grow. It teaches us how to...
  • Accept not deny
  • Welcome not resist, and
  • Enjoy what feels good without judging or feeling guilty.

Tantra can teach you how to channel life forces using sexual energy as a way to illuminate consciousness. This is why Tantra is often called sacred sexuality, a celebration of life, love, and spirit.






-Intimacy Coaching-

Learn to use The Art Conscious Touch to get back in touch with yourself and your partner. This will also teach you to open up to your partner and communicate in new ways you did not know were possible. You will learn how to express your wants, needs, and desires. You will learn to trust your partner and be able to get past any inhibitions you may have had or have currently. It takes a lot to open up and express yourself sexually.

-Focus due to loss of interest- 


Many people tend to loose interest in sexual activities due to so many different issues in our day to day lives. this is one of the main reasons we find today couples stay together for the convenience factor, the sense of security and chances are because you have children with this person. It is possible to get out of this rut and rebuild your love life. Tantra teaches Intimate Remedies to couples who are in this situation and who have the desire to get back the love and interest in the person they have spent years with.

It is never to late to build  a strong, healthy, sex life. It takes a little effort on both parts but can be Revitalized and Rejuvenated and possibly much better then you remember it.

















What you will learn as a Couple
What you both will be learning during the session:

The male of the relationship will be learning The Yoni massage to use on his lady.

While as the woman of the relationship will learn how to use The Lingam massage and The Sacred Spot Prostate (if open to it) on the male. If he is not open to having one finger inserted into his anus then we can show you how to externally stimulate the prostate.

This session will teach you both a whole new level of intimacy and will open new doors to bring out something if you were too shy about bringing it up with each other before. The experience you gain here will be everlasting and you can always change it to how you like it. Now you can try new things and the wonderful thing is you'll both be in it together and willing to make the whole sexual aspect of your relationship more intense, spiritual, and not just "another day having sex". It will be something where you and your partner can just have it bloom and continually work on it to better intensify it to your sexual lifestyle.