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Our Disclaimer

When teaching Tantra many people do it many different ways. I would like to make it clear on how I choose to teach Tantra....

Tantra is about learning intimacy, it means learning to become more sexual and expressing your sexual interests. I respect each one of my clients in the fact that you are coming to me and choosing to make a life changing decision. I will be hands on in teaching you during our private classes however I will not be interacting with you. I would just like to make it clear that in no way will I be sexually active with anyone (male or female). You may be wondering why I put this in here but it is a question that is often asked if I get involved in the activities. Thank you very much for respecting the fact I'm here to teach and guide you through your experience in Tantra.

  R & R Tantra Intimate Remedies is not a Licensed Medical Doctor nor do we claim to be medicinal healers. We base our sessions on Energy, Relaxation, Therapy, & Control in no way do we replace the advice of ANY medical Dr. We can not give medical advice during our sessions. We DO NOT use any form of medicines in our sessions.

We are not Law Enforcement and DO NOT intend to have any dealings with the LE. WE ARE NOT A FULL SERVICE establishment and we DO NOT and WILL NOT discuss any form of sexual favors for money. Please be respectful at all times.

We refuse the right to see anyone who we feel may be attending the session for the wrong reasons. The sessions are set up for the individual to learn with Rylie as a teacher and instructor, she does not get involved in the lesson. 


Reviews from Clients

Please take a  moment to read what some of my clients have said after a visit to R & R Tantra Intimate Remedies.....

Hi Rylie!

Thanks again for a terrific massage session. I just wish I would have
booked it for a longer time. That will be for next time. I saw Rylie
this past Saturday in the morning, and it was superb!

Guys, this type of session that Rylie provides is really a great
experience. If you have never had a prostate massage, then you must
experience it. Not only is it enjoyable, it is healthy as well. You
need to go in with an open mind, and let Rylie take control of you.
She is very knowledgeable, and very easy to talk to. Welcome to the NJ
area, and I am looking forward to seeing you again!


I went just before Christmas. It was one of the most wonderful
 experience I have ever had. I had a male g spot massage. Rylie
administered one of the most sensual and enjoyable massage I have ever
received. Both ladies are very nice, attractive and have a sense of
humor. I recommend them and plan on returning next month

Had the pleasure of being with Rylie mid last week. Must say was am
awesome experience.

For folks with PE issues, I'd surely recommend the lingam massage.
It was a "planned" experience, starting with muscle loosening from
lower back/abdomen down to ante/posterior thigh. The actual lingam
massage gradually increased in rigor leading to a pretty intense
orgasm. Control was emphasized all through.

I'd say this is has to be practiced pretty regularly to gain better
control. But, this procedure sure looks a winner. I am most certain
to return fer more. Although the scientific geek in me says, "time"
each round to check improvement - might prove counterproductive as
this is as much about the mind as the body.

Also, helps a lot like anywhere else in being positive mentally.

Must say Rylie's is class act - is surely worth a visit for
fencesitters. & then y'know for yourself anyway. & for the mature &
serious folks, this was a strictly professional massage.


I had my first session with Rylie. Words can't describe the sensations I experienced. It was fantastic and I learned a lot in only one session. 

She is such a warm engaging knowledgeable person. I am hooked. I am looking forward to my future sessions.


Best Experience

Let me be very clear, the session was a heaven-sent.She is not only wise, a beautiful soul and a lovely person to be around, but as an amazing tantra teacher, she understands the practical considerations we all deal with in daily life. Since we are couple, we were obsiouly very nervous, but as soon as we entered her Spritual DEN, we were completely relaxed by her charming personality and beautiful candle lit setting.

This is a great session for anyone who wants to work on their relationship. the session are interesting, and pitched at beginners. Even though I had heard a lot of this information before, it was stated in a new way, and related to things that made us see it in a whole new light, and make new connections.
The money we spent, we got more out it. The time is not an issue with her, she gives your complete attention and care, on and off the sessions.
again Grt job Rylie.

A Little about Rylie!!






    My name is Rylie and I have been studying Tantra and the Art of the Human Body for many years. I have found that something everyone has in common is "Sexual Interests". They want to know how to "Be a Better Lover". So due to this I have started teaching classes. I very much enjoy my work. I am a very positive person and can teach you to be positive.

    When you meet me you will feel the positive energy I have to offer. During each Session and or Workshop you will get my undivided attention. I get my energy from my clients and I am always learning from each client. I feel this is what makes me a better Instructor. You will learn to be comfortable with me and be able to open up emotionally.

    During your first Initial Consultation you will learn my theories of Tantra. I specialize in The Lingam, The Yoni, & The Sacred Spot Prostate. I also work with men who have ED and PE I can help you to understand how you can benefit from Tantra in this area. Prostate Cancer is another area that I address during Sessions & Workshops. These are Therapeutic Massages & I firmly believe EVERYONE today could learn something.

    My ultimate goal is to provide knowledge of Tantra. I want to make sure you are fully aware of your body’s capabilities & in turn use them in your personal Sexual Intimate Relationship.

    It is very important to me to provide this type of a service for those who may have always wanted to "Explore" but never had a way of Self-Expression. Tantra has opened my mind to so very many things & I love passing the knowledge on.

    I am the founder and director of R & R Tantra Intimate Remedies. I am a Holistic Alternative Intimate Remedies Tantra Coach. In lamens terms an expert in “Sexology” When I provide Tantra  intimacy coaching I am is focused on listening and understanding the stress and the strains of sexual relationships in our modern world. What you choose to share with me is kept confidential. Do not be worried about any information being shared. I have heard and helped many others through some of the most strange, hurtful, and emotional situations. I have seen thousand’s of clients so not much will shock or surprise me. Please feel free to open up to me as I can only help you as much as you choose to share. Maybe what you need is some detailed guidance about increasing your own or your partner’s pleasure. You may have an intimacy issue that affects your marriage and/or your social life. You need to learn how to redirect your focus back to a healthy, vibrant sex life.

    I have successfully addressed many issues with sexual intimacy, desire, arousal, communication, orgasms, erections, and a whole list of related issues so there is no reason to be shy or hold back any feelings that you may have/had.

Private sessions are in person at my private studio locations.

    My job as a Tantra Coach & Teacher is something I take very seriously & I would hope you do also. I want to make your experience the very best it can be.

    In doing so I have a few boundaries I ask to be respected.

     I appreciate those of you who see my teachings as a gift. I believe that what I have to offer can help so many of you out there. I truly know from experience that there is no greater love between two people than Tantra Sacred Love.

    Thank you for taking the time out to read about me. It is very important that you know what my thoughts are & my ways of teaching.

If you would like to contact me with any questions please email me at drrylie@gmail.com Feel free to be detailed.

"Remember you are in Charge of your Destiny & Happiness"!!!